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My Story

When I was a teenager, I had terrible acne. One time there was a zit that was so large and deep (probably some kind of a cyst) on my forehead that I had to go to the dermatologist to get it resolved. That thing was so massive I couldn't put my hat on. I didn't even know how to explain this to my high school friends. I told my friends that I was trying to catch a baseball during practice and the ball hit my forehead. The dermatologist freaked me out. She took a syringe and she stabbed me with it on the side of my head, then she pulled on the syringe in order to extract all the puss out of my forehead.

What a mess.

It wasn't a one-time thing either. I had to go back multiple times.

I started this business to explore the possibility of building a skincare brand because I wanted all natural solutions for skin care and skin treatment (without all the chemicals that come with most products). I wanted to sell skincare that I would buy anyway.

The more I got into building this brand, I realized that I can turn into this brand into a global lifestyle brand with fashion & jewelry as well. This is the reason why I'm transitioning into offering other products other than just skincare.

The skincare products will be produced in the U.S. just as before.

The physical products of fashion and jewelry will be produced in China, Indonesia, Taiwan, and India. I am also exploring working on a fashion collection with U.S. clothing manufacturers.

We want to focus on jewelry and accessory items that will get you excited about shopping online again!

Our Products

In order to have the vibrant, healthy skin you're looking for, the first step is to remove the makeup, impurities, and toxins lodged just beneath the surface.

That's where our Activated Charcoal and Green Tea Extract Facial Cleanser comes in.

Our flagship product is the beginning of your journey to natural beauty. It uses top-quality organic ingredients to exfoliate your pores and strip out all the impurities. This allows the blend of all-natural botanicals we use in our moisturizers and serums to do its work.

Our Activated Charcoal and Green Tea Extract Facial Cleanser is truly unique. Instead of using dangerous chemicals found in other skincare products (like sulfates, parabens, and artificial dyes), we rely on a 100% safe remedy that nature provides: Activated Charcoal.

Activated charcoal cleans your skin gently but thoroughly. And our cleanser's organic extracts carry nutrients deep beneath your skin's surface to revitalize your complexion. Our cleanser doesn't just cover up signs of aging and other problem spots. It reverses them, inside and out.

Facentials for Essentials: Support Charities by Supporting Us

Investing in our skincare products won't just make a difference in your looks… It'll also make a different in the world!

We're committed to helping you feel amazing – inside and out. That's why we started our Facentials for Essentials campaign.

How does it work?

It's simple. We donate a percentage of our gross sales to charities that we believe in. By supporting us, you're also making a positive impact on the world.

Here is the excellent charity we currently support:

Milk and Bookies - Each sale helps provide books to children in need! 

You deserve to look and feel beautiful… no matter your age.

Feeling confident in your own skin will help you get the most out of life.

And that's exactly what we've set out to give you at Facentials. Healthy, radiant skin… and the total confidence that comes with it.

Let us help you get your glow back and go about your day feeling lighter, cleaner and more positive.

You don't have to spend another day not reaching your untapped potential. With an anti-aging mindset and help from our top quality products, you can reclaim the smooth, vibrant skin of your youth.

Our Core Values

1. Always Genuinely Care
2. Be Beacons of Positivity and Possibility
3. Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded
4. Create Intimate and Real Connections with People
5. Constant and Never Ending Incremental Improvement
6. Deliver WOW Through Great Service
7. Gratitude for Everything